Characters are in alphabetical order

Alex- Alex is a member of Team Ares in the virtual online game Xyia. There he is a female ninja fox. His goal is to obtain the Gauntlet of Shapeshifting in order to make his character male. His main weapons are fans. In the real world, Alex likes anime, manga, and lots of other stuff. In high school, he had to put up with Annaliese in both track and art class. Poor Alex. You can see the real Alex's artwork here. First Appearance: Worst comic EVER

Alexandra-Alexandra is Annaliese's younger sister. She's usually quite annoying and Annaliese often has to help her with homework, chores, etc. First Appearance: The Anime Emergency Kit

Amanda- Amanda is a member of Team Ares in Xyia. She is a Vampire-assasin and uses her extendable nails as her main weapon. When not in Xyia, she enjoys anime, manga, cosplay, and drawing(which she has quite some talent in). You can see the real Amanda's art here. First Appearance: Judo Eye

Andre- Andre is Melissa's beloved frying pan. He helps Melissa get her way. First Appearance: He "Gives" what you "Deserve"

The Anime Warrior-Annaliese's 'secret identity' when she's feeling random or her brain breaks. The Anime Warrior will solve all of your anime/manga-related problems! First Appearance: The Anime Warrior

Annaliese-Annaliese is one of the original characters of Ensuing. She loves manga, anime, drawing, bishounen, kitties, sugar, and fire. She gets a bit out of hand when it comes to her bishounen, as Roy can tell you. As you can see in 'My Life,' many odd things happen in her life. In Xyia, she is on Team Ares and is a Cyarec, a three-tailed cat-person. Her class is Assasin/Thief and her weapons are the Shark Blades. First Appearance: Playing with Toys

Annaliese's Father-HE's quite protective of his daughter. First Appearance: Stab-Stab

Bob-Bob is a wonder molecule made from a high school chemistry molecule kit. He's WONDERFUL. First Appearance: Bob, The Wonder Molecule

Bryce-an assasin from Xyia's Team Mustang who uses claw-like weapons. First Appearance: Enter The Mustangs!

David-David is a bit younger than the main characters in Ensuing. He is a fire mage in Xyia. You can see the real David's artwork here. First Appearance:

The DBZB-The Dragonball Z Boys. From the first arc of Ensuing, these guys were DBZ freaks who even had that creepy DBZ hair. Later(after being knocked out by both Melissa and Annaliese, they became the Nay-roo-tow Ninja Boys. First Appearance: Boredom in Class

The Happy Cow Land Warrior-Annaliese's 'secret identity' when she's had too much caffeine and sugar. First Appearance: Happy Cow Land Warrior!

Jack Fak-Head reporter from New News covering the 2004 presidental election. First Appearance: Breaking News

Kyle-Kyle is a snobby rich boy from someplace(same place as Roy, btw). With Melissa's "help" he's gotten a bit less snobbish, but Annaliese thinks he has a long way to go. Currently, he is an exchange student staying at Melissa's. In Xyia, he is on Team Ares and is a knight whose main weapon is his sword. Kyle wants to be Melissa's knight. ^_^ First Appearance: The Next Morning...

The Magenta Genie- This genie was found by Annaliese in a magic marker she bought from Claire's. He gave Melissa and Annaliese a grand total of one wish, which they used to wish for non-copyrighted bishounen. Annaliese thinks Roy and Kyle arrived because of this wish. First Appearance: The Magic Marker

Melissa- Melissa is the violent one of the main characters. She likes to put Kyle in his place with her favorite beating device, Andre the frying pan. In Xyia, she is obviously the most powerful of Team Xyia. Her class is Goddess, and she often attacks with blasts from her hands. First Appearance: Judo Eye

Natalie-She's just about as crazy as Annaliese after she runs the 800m, a race that eliminates all sanity from the runner. Together with Annaliese, they want to one day create a 'Cookie Sonar Super Hero Team.' First Appearance: Sadly, A True Story

Nathan-A mage from Team Mustang in Xyia. First Appearance: Disturbance

Nik- See Ninja Nik Ninja Nik-Ninja Nik is stick figure ninja trademarked by Minna no Anime, because he is their mascot. He has crazy ninja skills and is recognizable by his angry eyes, his spiky hair, his visor, and his... stick figureness. The original Nik is a highly respected Minna no Anime hero who wears THE NASTIEST visors you will ever see. First Appearance:

The Nay-Roo-Tow Ninja Boys- A group formed from the DBZB after Melissa and Annaliese knocked them out. First Appearance: GET IT RIGHT

Noah-A half elf-half human archer with limited elemental attacks from Team Mustang in Xyia. Little known fact: Noah is actually Annaliese's brother! *Shock* First Appearance: Disturbance

Nur-Nur will never remove his hat. I've heard some people wonder if it is simply a part of his head or if he is bald underneath. Several odd things that happen to Annaliese happen to Nur as well, for they are often hanging out together. Nur has an affinity for odd phrases, such as 'Crotch Dong.' First Appearance: New News Reporting

Reat-A lizard-like creature who runs a shop that can check you levels in Xyia. First Appearance: It attacks from behind!

Roy- Roy is an exchange student from someplace who is staying with Annaliese's family. He is probably the most level-headed of all the main characters. He often plays the voice of reason when all others are going mad. In Xyia he is a Shaman/Bard and has no real weapon, just a lute which was broken in a battle with a dragon. The lute is currently being repaired, and during this time the rest of Team Ares can be safe from his horrible playing. First Appearance: The Next Morning...

Sierra-Sierra is Annaliese's cousin who attended Comic Con with her and Roy. First Appearance: Ride Up in Style!

Thomas-Thomas is the leader of Team Mustang in Xyia. He is a fighter who uses a hammer. He falls in love with Melissa, or at least, her power. He also appears as a sock puppet in Alex's first quest comic. First Appearance: The Real Life Adventures of Annaliese and Melissa 1

Uruloki Calimeter-The mage from 'Sinugen,' one of Annaliese's favorite shows. He haunts Annaliese on occasion. His name means something along the lines of "Red Dragon Light Swordsman" in Tolkien's elvish. First Appearance: Sinugen Power(as an anime character), What is Thy Bidding?(as a cast character)

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